Opera 9.5 – Speed, Performance and Design

It is no secret that the browsers battle is one of the hottest competitions on the web. That is because after the operating system, the browser is maybe the most important application. I say that, because it represents the interface between the virtual data and users.

As you all know, there are several players out there, but only 4 have the features, support and acceptance. One of those players is Opera. Opera is a mature browser and today we welcome the 9.5 version of this application.

My first impression
Wow. No, I’m not referring at Microsoft Vista. This application now looks very good. Although I’m not a fan of the glossy look&feel, the default theme now looks clean and intuitive. But it seems that the interface is not the only changed thing. One particular option that I love is the Small screen rendering mode. This feature renders your website in a minimal way, similar to mobile devices.

The main feature from my point of view is that this application is stable. Sorry … the most stable browser. Unlike other browsing software, the foundation of Opera is solid and you will encounter less crashes or “not responding” messages. Also Opera has many new features like Quick Find – for searching through visited content, Opera Link – sync your bookmarks with your mobile device, Opera Dragonfly – embedded debug application for Opera and many more.

Hopefully with this new release Opera will gain market share and many users will switch from crashing applications to this stable one.
You can click here in order to proceed to the Opera download page

These are the good parts. The bad part is that a new design of mine is not rendered properly.


User Interface [rating:4]
User Experience [rating:4]
Features [rating:4.5]
Graphic [rating:4.16]

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