Copy/Paste is our greatest inspiration

by Brenda Anderson

I know that Copy+Paste combination is a quite useful feature in every operating system. I mean, you can easily resolve couple of task with this combination. But this is not the topic that I want to cover in this post.

I was stumbling the other day and I’ve came across one web design studio. Immediately I had a deja-vu feeling. It was just in the next second when I realized that the site was a replica. So far nothing unusual some would say. But when you are a web design studio and you promote creativity the Copy/Paste technique should be erased and left as a high-school thought. In not more than 5 seconds, I’ve found the source. It wasn’t hard because the source is from my point of view one of the best designs out there along with an exceptional implementation.

I don’t know whether or not to reveal the “artists”, but I will tell you the source. The site that I’m telling you about is the presentation web place for CODA, a web development platform for Mac. Our subject tried to copy the overall feeling, importing the sliding images and big clean header. You will see that when you enter on the “creative” web design site a header slogan is expecting you: We create beautiful and elegant websites. Yeah… right. They can change it into We copy from beautiful and elegant websites.

In the end I will let you decide for yourself and I will give you the address for this inspiring website:

Graphic shame for DM2
Initiative [rating:1]
Copy/Paste [rating:2]
Concept [rating:1]
Graphic [rating:1]

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