RealDraw, a good software from the past

Many of you may not even remember the time when Photoshop 5 was around, when the web wasn’t so evolved and the tutorials were next to zero. Well that time is behind us but certain elements from that time are still here with us.

As I was saying, in my early days, when Photoshop 5 was hot, I didn’t had a crush on it. In fact, I started to like it when it was 7 or 8. Back then, I was the best scout ever – graphic software scout. With no Internet access my only source for this rare items were the PC magazines. At that time, those PC magazines made some money on my behalf, because I was scanning every CD for new software in the graphic area. So, one day I’ve found this new type of graphic application with some kind of hybrid engine: both bitmap/vector and 2d/3d.


RealDraw was one of the many software packages from Mediachance, a company with great imagination in terms of features and range of products. This application was unique, and by that I’m thinking at the simple 1 click predefined effects. It was awesome and for that time I was very happy because I was really designing. Well not me, the program … but anyway, this software is today as it was several years ago a good graphic software. The saddest thing is that I haven’t seen any development improvements or new features. The company should try to use a different user interface and relaunch the product.

The backend engine is very solid. Compared to Photoshop, this application renders similar predefined effects much quicker. And it has a lot of them – from transparency to predefined objects libraries or from color and texture to 3d lights and shaddow effects. Overall the application is good for a certain amount of users, but it has little popularity.

I only hope that this product will grow and become a solid graphic application. Kudos.

Graphic Rating for RealDraw
User Interface [rating:2.5]
Features [rating:3.5]
Engine [rating:4]
Overall [rating:3.5]

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