Transformers vs Iron Man… my money on Optimus

I remember that a year ago I was very fascinated with the upcoming Transformers movie. I had good reasons, because great names like Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay were joining their knowledge and talent into one of the best visual effects movie ever. It wasn’t the same feeling for the Oscar judges but I don’t care.

So what’s with the robots?

Transformers vs Iron Man

Not so long ago, actually almost 3 weeks ago, another robotic blockbuster was released … Iron Man. And I was curious which one is better. Here in this comparison the topic is overall grosses. And for this I’ve analyzed and got the following information for the first 3 weekends – US Weekends Only:

Transformers – 2007
Weekend 1: $70 mil
Weekend 2: $37 mil
Weekend 3: $20 mil
Iron Man – 2008
Weekend 1: $100 mil
Weekend 2: $50 mil
Weekend 3: $30 mil

From this comparison chart, it looks like Iron Man is on the track to beat Optimus and Megatron. Keep in mind that at the end of the cinema running time, Transformers had around $700 mil in their pocket. So, as an overall idea, my opinion is that even if Iron Man has around $400 mil as we speak, my bet is still Michel Bay’s movie.

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What do you think?

Graphic Rating for Transformers
VFX [rating:5]
Action [rating:4.5]
Money [rating:4.5]
Overall [rating:4.67]

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