Live is Alive

Several days ago I wrote about the new interface form the Gigablast search engine. It seems like Gigablast isn’t the only one retouching the design. Today when I was searching on most of the search engines, my eyes were disturbed by Microsoft‘s search engine – had a good interface in the past. Actually it was my second favorite after, although the search results were better. Back to the interface, I was quite surprised with the simplicity and clear design lines. Also the options from the past interface vanished and now the user has only the search. Nice move. This is actually kinda old school, giving the user the ability to … SEARCH.

Kudos for the move, a bold move and hopefully successful as well. Live is ALIVE.

Design [rating:4]
UI/UX [rating:4.5]
Search Results [rating:4]
Overall [rating:4.13]

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