IconFinder.net – leader with style

There has been a time where you needed an icon in your work. I don’t know … maybe just as a placeholder or maybe the final graphic element. Well most people believe that besides Google Image Search and some major search engines, there are no other resources for this kind of artwork.

Well the concept of icons search was niche a while ago, but now there are several products on the market to satisfy every need. This fact combined with the repeated release of new icons packs under different licenses were good reasons for developing search engines exclusively for icons.
In this case the search engine covered here is Iconfinder.net. First of all, compared to other search engines of any type, the user interface from Iconfinder is unique and with a very nice design.

With simple yet effective features like background color (black or white), tag system, license info or icon size selection this is a great tool in the development and design process. A big advantage is also the availability of Crystal Project icons pack which is from my point of view the best and most comprehensive icon pack online. Another important factor is the scalability and good response time of the search engine.
Also there is a widget available for Mac users for improved accessibility.

In the end I think that this is a good product and also a very useful one. Kudos for the developer and keep up the good work.

User Interface / User Experience [rating:4.5]
Features [rating:4.5]
Performance [rating:4.5]
Overall [rating:4.5]

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